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Incentive trip in Lapland

Lapland, Finland

Secteur d'activité



From March 12th to 16th



Imagine taking a private flight from Lyon, France to Lapland, Finland, and arriving at sunset surrounded by snow. That was exactly how this trip began…

After a picturesque arrival, the group was transported by sleigh pulled by reindeers to a Kota, a traditional tent used by the Sami, the indigenous people of Finland. Inside the cozy Kota, they were greeted by Lapland townsfolks, who performed a traditional ceremony and regaled them with tales of Lapland’s legends.
The group was then whisked away to Snowland, an awe-inspiring igloo-shaped ice restaurant to conclude their first night in style. There, they enjoyed traditional Finnish fare, soaking in the wintry ambiance of the surroundings. The group was also thrilled to be accommodated at Santa's hotel in the heart of Rovaniemi’s city center, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of their incentive trip.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the second day was a visit to a local Husky farm, where the group learnt about the animals' training, diet, and general care. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to try Husky sledding for themselves. The journey to and from the Husky farm was almost as exciting as the visit itself, as the group drove their own snowmobiles through the snowy forests and past frozen lakes, making what could have been just a simple transfer into an unforgettable adventure.

The following day saw a business workshop incorporated into the itinerary, adding a professional element into the otherwise leisure-full trip.
Following the workshop, the group enjoyed an afternoon of adrenaline-fueled activities at a rally driving area. They participated in six thrilling driving activities, including ice, quad, and buggy driving.

On the fourth day of the trip, the group traveled to Kemi – a town only 90 minutes south of the Arctic Circle – for lunch and boarded the Sampo, a large boat that breaks ice for cargo boats. During the cruise, they were given a guided tour of the engine and command desk, and after an hour, the boat stopped on the ice, and the guests had the opportunity to float in the water in wetsuits or walk on the ice.

The group’s last excursion was a trip to Santa Claus village. On this fifth and final day, they wandered around the village taking in the sights and buying souvenirs. It was a perfect ending to an extravagant winter trip.

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