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Our corporate event communication services are evolving with the development of new formats that were still in their infancy a few months ago; new expertise is becoming essential to support our advertisers at digital-format events and our social and environmental responsibilities are becoming a central focus in terms of our in-person events.

Nous avons toujours placé l’humain et le collectif au cœur de nos valeurs et c’est ce qui nous a motivé à rejoindre en 2014 le groupe Mantu. C’est naturellement, à l’issue d’une réflexion collective que nos équipes ont choisi de rendre plus clairs notre positionnement et nos singularités en abandonnant SST EVENTS EXPERIENCES pour donner naissance à REVIBE avec pour ambition de of MAKING YOUR COLLECTIVE VIBRATE IN UNISON FOR EVENTS THAT WILL RESONATE LONG AFTER THEIR FINAL NOTE.

With this assertive positioning, our aim is to make each event more sustainable by creating new concepts, by supporting our clients with their content and the quality of its transmission, and by paying particular attention to the major social, societal and environmental issues at each stage of the project.

In order to fully meet these challenges, both for our employees and to support our clients objectives, we decided to seek EcoVadis certification and in 2021 we received a Gold rating. See you soon in our vibrant universe, the home of collective alchemy.

Frédéric CHARPENTIER Director

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